“Making the bridges and viaducts on Italian roads safer and guaranteeing these fundamental infrastructures effective controls, punctual checks and the quality of the materials used in their construction”. These are the objectives of the “Speri Bridge” app announced by Giorgio Lupoi, partner of Studio Speri, which has been involved in engineering and architecture for 50 years, specializing in hospitality, from advisory to consultancy in design and construction. After the collapse of the Ponte Morandi in Genoa, there are many projects on the table to ensure that such tragedies do not repeat themselves.

“The use of a forecast of demand and capacity starting only from the geometric quantities representative of the deck – explains Lupoi – is a useful reference both for the validation of the results obtained downstream of the analyzes conducted, and to avoid gross errors during the check. Starting from the results of a large number of checks carried out in the past, we have chosen models that have allowed us to derive formulations for estimating the demand and capacity of the structural elements of the deck “. “The” Speri Bridge “application – he adds – is a pocket-sized and fast tool not only to check the results, but also to evaluate the resistance of the materials commonly used for the construction of the many bridges and viaducts built between the 40s and the 1980s of the last century “. In addition, “various links to the various standards are available, with guidelines, technical references and a dossier of detailed diagrams of isostatic and hyperstatic structures”, concludes Lupoi.