Lotto 2: UT Tivoli/UT Montorio/UT Presenzano – 11 Barriers, Italy

 Cesima h= 45 m, Gallo h=20 m

Verification of seismic vulnerability and executive design of anti-seismic adaptation interventions Dams


 Enel Green Power


  2019 – In progress

Verification of the seismic vulnerability of dam works considered “Large Dams” and of the ancillary and complementary works located in the dam body that interact with it and contribute to guaranteeing the functionality of the system and the retention capacity (ie for example surface drains in frieze at the crown, bottom and middle ground, walkways, cabins, etc.).

It should be noted that these works are mainly located in areas with medium-high seismicity (seismic zones 1 and 2).

All services also included the execution of tests on materials and geognostic surveys.