Dear colleagues,

The University of Torino has an opening for a number of fellowships within the PhD Program “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND COOPERATION”.  Among these, we are bringing to your attention the following theme that might be of particular interest to our community:

Interdisciplinary evaluation of the impacts of offshore renewable energies to support an eco-sustainable approach to the marine environment”.

A short description of the project idea is as follows:

“The project aims to develop a modeling framework to predict the effects of anthropogenic activities on the evolution of the aquatic environment. The framework will allow the assessment of the hydrodynamic and physical impact of blue-economy related activities on the marine ecosystem and its evolutionary trends”.

This PhD is co-funded by the University of Torino and Studio SPERI and the research activities will be performed mostly in Sicily [Palermo (Studio Speri, and Capo Granitola (CNR,] with specialist courses being taken in Torino (University of Torino,

The successful candidate will have access to state of the art evolution model and field data and will build on on-going research work carried out by top professional in each of the partnering institutions. It is expected that the framework will be applied to one or more real cases and that results of the research will be presented in international forums and published on peer reviewed journals.

This research topic is central to the Blue Economy and pivotal to sustain and protect the marine and coastal environment.

Further information is available at:;field=file;key=AHBrXnDcaQMHCJ0rRh6rsfHeEDmyQDEzktDXSFO2AUJo7gRDf3osU5LeLiT5LCXA;t=9183

Interested candidates should apply by Oct 28, 2021 at 11:59 PM (CEST) , through the website of the university, by registering at:

and following the instructions described in the call (“how to apply” section).

If you have any question or are facing any problem filing your application, please contact .


We look forward to receive your applications, thank you for your interest,

With many thanks and best wishes